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PantrySOFT™ is designed to help Food Banks and Food Pantries track and report their client usage. PantrySOFT™ can run on-site with single or multiple workstations, without the need for an internet connection. It can also be run as a hosted application with workstations in multiple facilities.

While PantrySOFT™ is a sophisticated piece of software, it is also very easy to use; and each purchase is backed by the support and knowledge of
Cedar Mountain Software


We would like to share with you our experience with your Food Pantry Intake Program (FPIP)[PantrySoft]. After the initial input of our patron data, we were able to put the system into use immediately. Being an all-volunteer organization, some of our volunteers do not have >>

~ Patricia - Meridian Food Bank - Meridian, ID

The database created for God's Storehouse in Danville, VA, a non-profit food pantry, is an asset to our operation. We are able to accurately track client visits and maintain pertinent information about each client. It is easy to use and we are able to pull >>

~ Karen - God's Storehouse - Danville, VA

About PantrySOFT™

Running a Food Pantry requires focus, organization, and efficiency. Activities such as organizing volunteers, filing reports, and staying up-to-date with USDA requirements can prove daunting. Consequently, it can be difficult to keep your organization running smoothly.  Hence, having the right food pantry software is the key to success!

With that in mind, Cedar Mountain Software created PantrySOFT™. Originally a desktop application, in 2019, we launched PantrySOFT™ Cloud, a browser based application. This allows pantries with internet access to run the program on any computer, tablet, or phone.  As a result, it is accessible by multiple users simultaneously anywhere. We are happy to provide our clients the choice of the desktop or cloud version to best serve their needs. Our software gives Food Pantry organizers a chance to focus on what really matters: the at-risk members of their community.

Originally created for our local Food Bank in Missoula, Montana, PantrySOFT can now be found in over 40 states in the USA and Canada. While PantrySOFT™ is a sophisticated piece of software, it is also very easy to use. Backed by the support and knowledge of Cedar Mountain Software, PantrySOFT will bring your organization into the 21st century with our easy-to-use and highly customizable Food Pantry Software.

With an affordable price tag and an ever-growing list of features, there’s no better time to try PantrySOFT. Want to try it out? Click to Request a Demo today!

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